Monday, March 04, 2013

Yanks 5, Sox 2, Doesn't Count

Not a bad day on Sunday. In the first at bat I saw Napoli take in a Red Sox uniform, he did exactly what he's done just about every other time I've seen him: massive dong. Center field, too, over the 420 marker. The Yanks didn't bring their A team, but Dempster gave up nothing at all. My boy Miller with an even bigger beard and longer hair than last year also was great, as were Tazawa and Uehara. Hanrahan was brining the heat--he gave up some runs, but it was a TYR, as the Yanks capitalized on Sutton playing third base like a Little Leaguer. Bailey did kinda crappy, and the last guy, Ruiz, gave up a solo dong in his inning. Yanks won 5-2, as their no-name pitching crew did a fine job.

On to those videos, not from today but the other night. This one here is classic Don/Jerry. Cracked me up.

And this one is also classic Don, but the negative kind. The kind where something clearly happens that we all see but him. The fact that he then started talking about the third base ump tells me he looked there while the rest of us were seeing the guy behind the fence picking up the ball....

Also, terrible job by Don today saying "Dustin" Romine instead of Austin. Most baseball fans have known about this Yankee prospect for a while now, and Red Sox fans especially know him as his dad played for our team! Don obviously hasn't committed that one to memory yet.


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