Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sox-Yanks Thoughts

Let's start with Daniel Nava with his pants down and go from there:

Now here's Felix Doubront throwing a pitch...which Brett Gardner was positive was a pickoff attempt...
(I also posted that one to reddit. Go upvote if you want.)

More wackiness below, but as for the game...

Doubront was sharp except in the inning where he gave up 5 hits and 4 runs, in a 4-0 loss to the Yanks. He was hit pretty hard in that inning, but one of the hits got by Sutton at third, he probably could have gotten to it, and another Bradley broke back on, another ball that should have been an out.

Speaking of Jackie Bradley, ESPN (stuck with no go-to guy since Jeter was out) made it the Jackie Bradley show, talking about him all day. He had a single and a double, both solid.\

Youk kept stranding runners and getting pissed, it was so fun. Speaking of that slimeball, the idiot announcer said when he was introduced how everyone at the park (this was a Yanks home game) loves him. Yeah, if by love you mean hate. We're pissed he decided to be a fuckin' Yankee and they don't consider him a True Yankee yet.

And Buster Olney, aka the Toxic Pretender, was all talkin' about how Red Sox fans found the team (here comes that buzzword) "unlikeable" last year. Yeah, nobody likes Dustin Pedroia. Or David Ortiz. I never see anybody in an Ellsbury shirt. And I'll go ya one further. Know who I liked? Beckett and Lester. Nobody ever cared what the fuck they did when they were leading us to the world championship. I hate how the team has been forced by the media to shove "changing the clubhouse culture" down our throats. Did everybody forget that baseball fans just want their team to win? I was upset with 93 losses. And I'll be thrilled with 93 wins. And I don't care which type of character (which is completely invented by the media anyway--do you know any of these players personally?) is involved in either scenario. When the team has awesome guys, it's an awesome bonus. But if we lose 90 this year, not ONE fan will say, "oh but isn't our clubhouse just so wonderful?!" And then a few weeks ago Tom Caron was talking to Pedro, and mentioned "the days when Red Sox were adored in the fans' eyes." Asshole! Where did this whole thing come from? When did the media decided we ever stopped adoring our team? Why the fuck am I a fan then? I'll stand in the rain for hours to get a peek of the back-up catcher walk ten feet from the park to a cab for Ted's sake. It's like when Remy the other day said how the Sox-Yanks rivalry isn't as good right now because the Red Sox are coming off a bad year. We came off EIGHTY FIVE bad years and the rivalry was right there the whole damn time. I think people are just fuckin' idiots, or the Internet age is turning them into idiots.

Okay, back to the fun stuff. Here, John Kruk notes how he used to attend WHOREHOUSES after his games!

And finally, ESPN, I'm not letting you get away with this one--in your banner graphic, that's clearly supposed to represent the two different fonts of the defunct Red Sox logo. That upper font is dead, people! Wait, I thought this was supposed to be fun? Oh well.

You will believe this, but I actually have more to say about banner graphics used by TV networks, and the mistakes therein! Stay tuned!


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