Monday, March 18, 2013

(Someone Else's) Contest(s)

My buddy Richard does a Baseball Predictions multi-contest every year, and offers up some great prizes. Way less "worthless baseball cards"-y and a lot more "tickets to the freakin' World Series"-ish, in fact. So go there and e-mail him your picks. Include my name (J-E-R-E) in your e-mail and if you win, I win too. (If you hate me, do not mention my name.)

Looks like ClayHH was on again today, a solo dong being the only hit he gave up. It was the first run he'd given up all spring. Our starters are pitching very un-2012-ishly so far, I hope it carries into the real 2013.

Funny line by a completely serious and old-enough-to-know-better caller to the FAN today: "George Steinbrenner would never let the Yankees fall into mediocrity like this." That line implies two things: That the Yankees have fallen into mediocrity, and that George never had mediocre teams. As much as I hope that the Yanks are mediocre in 2013, and as much as that guy has erased 1989-1993 from his memory, neither of those things is true.

Jere, I know this is off topic, but keep 13 July open on you calendar. We're going to drop the ball from 1000' so Zack Hample can catch it.

Mike Davison
Thanks for the heads-up!

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