Monday, March 04, 2013

So Wupp On Your Feet

Today I found myself with a physical Projo and time to kill, so I did their Sunday crossword. (I'm a Will Shortz snob and don't usually do lesser puzzles but I'll take what I can get.) One clue was "Actress Shelley." I had F_B_R_S going down and wasn't sure about the across answers. I knew those spaces obviously had vowels, and I think I ended up just guessing on them, going with FIBERES or something.

Now flash forward to a few hours later, just now. I had just written to Allan Wood telling him how after a conversation we had about Lou Gramm (Allan has a book coming out for a publisher who's current big deal is Lou Gramm's book), I went to the car and the first song was a Lou Gramm song. Not Foreigner, but an actual solo Lou Gramm tune. So coincidences were in the air, or whatever. I then read an e-mail from my pal Kara, not my cousin Kara, about Silver Spoons. Which got me thinking about the recent sad news of Bonnie Franklin's death. Bonnie of course was on One Day at a Time, a show with yet another of my favorite theme songs. I watched it on YouTube and saw some no-name actor in the credits, but he looked funny and I considered doing a screen shot for the blog and maybe linking the theme in honor of Ms. Franklin. So I paused it. But first, I thought, I should listen tot he rest of the tune. The next thing I saw was this:

What are the odds?

Anyway, here's that theme, but I hate how the crucial beginning is cut off. Search around and watch a better version.


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