Saturday, March 02, 2013

Red Sox Win

Tonight lots of stuff went right--Lester and Rubby were solid on the mound, Pedroia went 2 for 2, and Napoli made his debut and got a hit.

I missed the game, but Sunday afternoon against the Yanks will also be televised. Speaking of that, I saw that Joy of Sox linked to an article where some guy was complaining about NESN not showing us the games against the college teams, the first ones of the spring. And while I agree that in general, if the Red Sox are playing, I should be able to watch, I have to say, NESN does as good a job as any network of showing its team in the spring. Look up any other team's spring broadcast schedule, and you'll see what I mean. They also give us a live hour every night, starting well before the exhibition games even begin. What they do on the actual broadcasts, with the missing of pitches and whatnot, is another story. I grabbed some funny video from the other night which I may post soon if I get a second.

So we're 4-4 in the spring so far. The Yanks are in dead last in the AL, with the worst record of any team in baseball, at 1-7. Damn, I wish that counted. We all know the '92 Jets went 5-0 in the preseason but went 4-12 when it counted. Preseason records don't mean shit, but if the Yanks were 7-1 they'd be talking about how they have a general "winning way" that comes from years of class and extra class. But it is funny how all the Yankee people are talking about how different things are this year, with some pinstriped-glasses wearers saying how they're just like the '96 team since they don't have a lot of big name players and therefore will automatically be awesome. Even Suzyn said, "it's not like the teams we've gotten used to in the 90s." Suzie's only 14 years behind!


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