Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Yesterday I was mind-writing my annual (if I write it every year--do I?) post about stories that are guaranteed to be written this baseball season. Like how every month some doofus who's never lived in Connecticut says how the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry is dead. One of the things I was going to say was "the Red Sox will do something they've done every year, but people will assume it's being done in reaction to something." Sure enough, the Red Sox put some fuckin' food items on sale in April and it's "all Red Sox tickets and food now free cuz they suck!!!1"

The point is, the team always tries to do family-friendly stuff, especially in the cold months. I'm not gonna try and tell you they didn't have last year's horrific record at least somewhat in mind when they said Here's some cheaper shit for you for innings 1-3 in the April games, but it's not new for them to do stuff like this. For example, in 2009, coming off a world championship followed by reaching Game 7 of the ALCS, the Red Sox offered discounted food to kids, froze all concession prices, and added a bunch of other April-centric family features. But it didn't lead assholes to say, "See, nobody's really going to games at Fenway and the team actually stinks so they have to mark down the food, haha, Yanks rool!" The problem is, people don't pay attention. And any time things go bad, they search around for reasons. And reactions that aren't really reactions. I wouldn't be surprised if one year some player is accused of committing adultery (or, for sake of the joke, some crime that starts with B), and the next day the papers all tell you how the team has admitted the player's guilt by placing a scarlet letter on the front of his hat. And everyone believes it and tells you about it at the water cooler, at which point you note that they've worn this "scarlet letter" for 80 years.

Lester's line today: 4 innings, not a whole heck of a lot given up. Miller (my favorite current Red Sock--I almost forgot about that) and Bailey also with scoreless innings. Jonny Wad Gomes with a solo dong, and we lead the Marlins 1-0 in the 6th.


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