Sunday, March 10, 2013

Oh That Is Classic

Update: Here's an unedited video. No cameras seem to have caught that magic moment when Gilley does something to Aceves to piss him off. Aceves runs into the pile behind Gilley, then they cut away, then when they cut back, both men come from off screen, first Gilley, then Aceves running after him back toward the pile! That's when all hell breaks loose in that area as Aceves starts getting pummeled as he's held down.


Saw a scroll on the bottom of my TV about a bench-clearing brawl in the Canada-Mexico game. Why was I not surprised to see Alfredo Aceves's name pop up right after that?

"I had a hold of him, and I thought I saw Satan in his eyes," said Larry Walker.

After watching the oddly edited version of the brawl on and reading some of the articles, it seems Aceves might not have done much except react to being blindsided, at which point he got his ass mauled by a pack of Canadians. Supposedly he doesn't have any major injuries, so that's good. We'll find out more about this fight soon, I'm sure.


Good to see the original Czech Brothers meet up with the Dick in a Box guys on SNL tonight....


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