Sunday, March 17, 2013

Almost Perfect

Red Sox pitchers were perfect through 8.1 innings today. Jon Lester went the first 6 and dominated. Middlebrooks and Gomes were molesting the ball. 5-1 win in the greens over Tampa. Why does Middlebrooks bat so low in the order? And this is without Papi. It's almost like everyone forgot this is a 35+ homer guy. Or at least would have been if he hadn't gotten injured. I'm still picking him for MVP.

Got to watch this whole game today, first time since early in the spring for me. Don and Remy were back--I noticed on the Friday night highlight of Salty's dong that there were two other announcers in the booth, who I didn't recognize. Anybody know who they were?

NESN was sharing broadcast with Twins network. Analyst was Ron Coomer. Not sure who PBP person was. They did this earlier this spring with them and one other time with Pirates network.
Thanks. You mean they did an announcer-swap for a few innings? Or they had the other guys do the game and showed it on their own network AND NESN just so our guys could get an extra day off?
Mom to you:

maybe they'll share the broadcast on the 30th when I'm there for the last ST game.

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