Monday, February 18, 2013

Three Days Till The First Game, Incredibly

On one of the 20/20s on the FAN today, the guy gave the scores and stuff, and then added, "How strong is baseball? Today in Fort Myers, five thousand people showed up to watch the Red Sox work out." With a lot of the fake fans falling away due to the team--god forbid--having a losing season, it was great to be reminded of all the real fans and how much we love our team regardless of how they're doing. (And to hear it on the New York station was a bonus.)

Then Aceves had to go killing my buzz with his lob-rific performance. It's funny, I'd just been saying to Kim how it's weird that he was able to stick around considering all the stuff that went on last year, and then he goes and starts effing around. Or something. Who knows what the hell went on there. I still kinda like the guy, but he keeps making himself harder and harder to defend.

Video from Photo Day here.

You know how the weather-folk sometimes warn you about "blowing snow"? I never knew what they meant until today. I mean, I know what it looks like when snow blows around, but today I was driving along route 138, and every time I went along a patch of road with an open field next to it, it was as if someone was standing on the side with a firehose blowing it across the street. And not even on-and-off-and-on-and-off. Just on. A permanent speeding cloud of snow over the road. Zero visibility. You'd just hope nobody coming the other way would veer onto your side while in the middle of the whiteout. Then the sun set and the sky turned red, and while crawling through the snow-clouds I'd look left, right into them, and it created this dreamy snow-sherbet effect. Dangerous beauty and all, you know the drill.


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