Monday, February 25, 2013

The Wright Knuckleballer

Our knucklehead beat the Jays' knucklehead today. I'm sure I've said this before, but having a guy named Steven Wright in the organization is pure chocolatey gold. You know I'm gonna break out a Wright joke every time I mention him. Know how when you put a stick in the water it looks like it's bent but it really isn't? That's why I don't take baths.

I see the Yanks have a new slogan. It's just as Yankified as you might expect: "A Timeless Legacy." Speaking of slime disguised as class, I loved it when David Price said going to the Yanks wouldn't be worth shaving his beard. Too bad he ended up backtracking on the statement. I listened to Sweeney Murti (who's normally pretty good as the FAN's Yank-reporter) saying how it's stupid to effectively eliminate the Yanks as a suitor, money-wise, and how it's "silly" to think the beard is more important than money. And the hosts laughingly agreed. So apparently not letting your employees have facial hair in 2013 is totally normal, but wanting to be yourself in a way that has no effect on your job performance is silly. What's really silly is how if you hang around the Yankees too much you start believing their bullshit.

I have friends that work at ski resorts out west, they have policies that require most of their staff to be clean shaven. Who would have thunk that ski resorts would want their employees to adhere to such a stupid policy? Yet they exist.

There are still many companies in America that do this, has nothing to do with whether you you can perform at your job or not. It's a rule. You can choose not to go there if you want. Nevertheless, it's never wise to eliminate a potential future employer because of their facial hair policy and call them out publicly, too. I think that's Sweeney's underlying point.

I agree with you that the rule is outdated, but I don't get why this is such a big gripe for you. As if the Yankees are the only company that demands such a thing. A company can have a dress code for its employees. The Yankees have dress codes for players when they are going to a visiting ballpark, as well as a company wide policy with facial hair.

Why is that such huge a bone of contention for you? We all know you hate everything about the Yankees, so I don't really get the point in repeating the same thing over and over again about their stupid facial hair policy.
I just think that stuff is ridic. everywhere. You can have long hair/facial hair and still look clean and neat. I love that a modern player actually called them out on how dumb it is. I was hoping it would make them think, we shall see.

Jere's mom here.

"most of their staff"? Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much.

I think that to tell your employees that they can't have a moustache is to treat them as children. George not only treated grown men like children, I'm sure he associated facial hair with being a fag (which was the prevalent attitude when beards were initially trendy in the 60's, as was the terminology amongst the homophobes). And he was a white supremist. And a felon. I thought, once dead, the Yankee players would be allowed to be grown-ups again. Maybe the sons will sell the team. Maybe to me! Then they can be handsome-as-hell fellows again (if they choose) like Rick Cerone, a friendly fellow, who leaned into the stands once pre-game and asked me I thought he looked better with his moustache or without. (He was sporting one at the time.) I voted with. He said, "Me too."

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