Friday, February 15, 2013

The Phone Method

Remember, after each drawing in The Lotteries, they put some tix on sale by phone. Tommorow's phone sale is for Monster tickets. I get them this way every year. (SRO, of course.) Remember, this is for people who didn't win the lottery. So if you lost, work those phones tomorrow at 2. The info is in this press release.

Bonus post!

I write this Thursday night, but I must have forgotten to hit that all-important "publish" button. So here's a 24-hour old post exactly how it should have appeared here:

An underrated line (is it even "rated"?) from Ghostbusters 2 for your Val Day: click this underlined text

(This line in no way reflects how my Val Day has gone. It's just funny.)

(Actually, the line kind of sums up last baseball season. If you think of it as one extended "day" of Bobby Valentine.)


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