Friday, February 08, 2013

Relax In My Teepee

I love blizzards. I love the word blizzard. I love the DQ Blizzard. I love that Nice & Smooth somehow rhymed "blizzard" with "exquisite."

Providence is in the "sweet spot"--we could be getting two feet of snow. And I guess once you own a home you're supposed to root against natural disasters, but come on, isn't that what insurance is for?

So I'll be hunkered down for the next two days. Except when I'm sledding or shoveling. But not having to work Saturday morning means I can get my Yanks or Opening Day tickets since I won that lottery. As did my mom. I pretty much can only afford to eat right now, so I might not get anything. But I still get credit for the win at least.

P.S. Why are you down here reading this when you should be up there clicking that link and listening to the most underrated rap song in the history of the world?

I have a white cat named Blizzard. He probably won't be going outside this weekend. - daddybcat

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