Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ran. Thoughts

It's almost New Slogan Season. I've only seen one new one so far: the Dodgers, with "A Whole New Blue." Which is much funnier when spelled "a hole knew blew."

The Astros jumped into the top spot in the AL West, alphabetically anyway. Now the hat logos of that division are all Rammstein'd out: H A A's S T

The Red Sox had a(n) historic year last year, injury-wise. And ten minutes into this year's training camp, Clay Buchholz gets injured. Oy.

I heard Francesa say the other day that the Red Sox win total would be "low 70s." Today he finally admitted that he hadn't noticed some of the pieces we picked up in the offseason and that we're better than he thought. (Bonus Francesa story: The other day he was talking about managers and how they often bring coaches with them to different jobs. He noted how "Billy Martin" didn't get to do that last year and had coaches who didn't even talk to him. He said it twice. I used the context to determine he meant Bobby Valentine.)

Isn't it funny when sports guys say how it's such a waste of time when Congress goes after baseball players? Don't those guys realize that what they do--talk about sports all day--is what most people in the world consider a waste of time in the first place? If you get paid to talk sports but you feel the need to proclaim that sports aren't all that important, why not quit your job? Or at least give your paychecks to charity.

Have you seen the interactive Fenway seating chart? Much of the grandstand is out of view! You have to enter a section at the bottom to see those. The "classic" chart is now relegated to the ticketing pages of individual games. And how come I can't "use the map" to buy the exact seat I want, like they had last year? And what happened to those tickets that you have put directly into your credit card?

I think this is finally the year it comes out that Jeter juiced. And that day, of course, will be the day America decides it's okay to do steroids.


"Okay" to do steroids? How about, "A class act to do steroids."

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