Thursday, February 28, 2013


I think somebody needs to be this guy I invented. Call him Mr. Finesse since I haven't thought of a better name yet. The guy is an NBA superstar, tall enough to easily dunk. But his trademark move is to not dunk. So he's all alone on a fast break, flies up toward the rim, and with a flourish, drops the ball silently through the twine for a deuce. He could do windmills, under the leg, tomahawk, but always ending with his hands stopping inches shy of the rim as he lets the ball fall in, maybe even pulling back his hands quickly.

Now one variation of this guy could be that once per victory, if he's in position to dunk, and he feels his team has the game in hand, or that two more points would be the nail in the coffin, he slams it home with authority. Kind of like how it's cooler when you tell a whole story without cursing save for one big f-bomb in the final line. Maybe he could go so far as to only do it on a playoff-series clinching win. Oh, it would be so sweet. Everyone loving Mr. Finesse and his faux-jams, but still waiting for that one loud rim-rocker that signifies you ain't comin' back and sends everybody into a frenzy. Maybe at that point MF becomes his alter-ego, MoFo.

Can someone please do this?


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