Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Levangie Back On The Field!

Former bullpen catcher Dana Levangie will be replacing the retired Gary Tuck as bullpen coach. Sweet. This guy was, I assume, invaluable to the 2004 championship team. I was proud to acquire one of his old jerseys at the 2011 Yard Sale. Maybe I could get it signed by him in '13.

Also, happy birthday to my mom! And to Red Sox champion hurler Babe Ruth. My mom got Babe Ruth, my dad got Jim Rice. I got Don Aase. Ooh, I smell a blog post. For now I'll just look for the closest player to me in age...and it's Derek Lee, born two days before me. No major leaguer was born on the exact day I was.

Is the bullpen on the field?
"On the field" as opposed to advanced scouting.

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