Saturday, February 02, 2013

Last Call

You have until...let's say...tonight (Saturday) at 9 p.m. eastern time to get into the Super Bowl contest. It's free to enter. Leave a comment below if you want in. Only 81 spaces left!*

As for the four prizes, I'm thinking I'm gonna give away a framed picture to the big winner (one of the Fenway pics I took back when I did Somerville Open Studios), and probably old baseball card packs to winners 2 thru 4. Here's who we have so far, if you entered and you don't see your name let me know.

Rich G
The Dimwit
Bosox Fan in Wichita
Section 36
The Omnipotent Q
Dewey & Co.
Mark uk
Ruben (Red Sox Nation - Alberta)

You will learn what numbers you're rooting for late Saturday night, complete with video for proof that the random draw wasn't rigged that no one will watch! (And instructions, for anybody who entered but doesn't know what the hell the contest is about.)

*But I'll just give multiple squares to everyone if we don't reach 100 people. At this point you're all getting around 5 squares each.

I'll jump in on last call to keep the tension up and the odds down.

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