Sunday, February 24, 2013

Highest Price Ever Requested For A Pac-Men Record

Check it out, somebody's selling a record by my old band on ebay. That's happened before, but this guy in California seems to think it's worth 40 bucks, despite the fact that it doesn't even work. "Too scratched to play, too cool to throw away," he says. I guess that's...a compliment? Either way, if you want a copy, I'll be happy to send you one (that does play, and has a cover) for way, way, way less than $40.

Speaking of sending you people stuff, I have yet to send out the prizes from the Super B0wl contest. But I'll do that at some point before next year's game. (But hopefully this week.)

Lester was good today in his first game. We beat the Cards. Next televised game is Wednesday night.


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