Saturday, February 23, 2013

Familiar Sights

The Red Sox in their home whites under the sun, Drinkwater and Kapstein in the front row...and NESN effing up.

I understand "Saltalamacchia" is a tough one, but not many people spell it with two esses:

And some pitches were registering in the 50s:

Note Drinkwater above, and Kapstein below:

Lackey seemed to be throwing BP out there at first, but after loading the bases with nobody out, he got out of it with only one run allowed. As I type, it's 2-0 Rays in the somethingth inning.

NESN's opening theme is the same for now (except for some new faces--Ciriaco's in there now).

Funny moment when Don told us how Remy would be buying fans hot dogs again this year. Remy said "it got to be quite expensive." Don countered with, "well, you have a lot of money."


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