Saturday, February 02, 2013

Contest, Ready For Takeoff

The Grid! (Ravens run along the top, 49ers down the side.)

Click it to enlarge, click again to extra-enlarge if that's not good enough.

So basically, everybody has five chances. Including me, but not including my mom's dog, as he was ruled ineligible since if he wins, she'd get the prize anyway. Twenty entrants, five squares each. Let's say your name is "Me". One of your boxes is 9 for the 49ers, 3 for the Ravens. If the score at the end of one quarter is 49ers 9, Ravens 3, you'd win the first quarter prize. But it's only the last digit you're looking at. So it could also be, por ejemplo, Ravens 13, 49ers 9, or 49ers 1,000,009, Ravens 43. If any of your five squares is the score, you win that quarter. The hierarchy is this:

Final Score (which means final score, not "end of 4th quarter score," if the game goes into overtime) = Bestest prize (framed pic I took of David Ortiz in 2007)
Halftime Score = Second place (two baseball card packs circa 1984)
End of Third Quarter Score = It's still good, it's still good! (other baseball card packs, or maybe football card packs, from years ago)
End of First Quarter Score = Worst prize, but at least you got something (um...I'll get back to you)

Let me know if you have any trouble reading my writing/figuring out what your numbers are.

Here is the video of me randomly putting the names into a 10 x 10 grid on the kitchen floor and then picking the numbers. I have to say though, if I effed something up, I'm still going with the picture above, because any eff-ups were unintentional. I recommend NOT wasting your time watching this video, but feel free.

Mom here:

Typical Key West conversation:

Me: Here's Jere's grid.

Charlie: I'll get a pen.

(Charlie writes down our score-endings)

Charlie: When's the Super Bowl?

Me: Sunday

Charlie: What's today?

Me: I don't know.

(Charlie checks the calendar.)


So we'll be watching and celebrating an anniversary of sorts--Charlie asked me to marry him during the Super Bowl half-time two years ago which also happened to be my birthday.
Nice! You got some good numbers as usual...

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