Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baseball Starts Now

Red Sox baseball, 1:35 and 4:00 Thursday. I guarantee they win both games. This tells you who's playing and when.

So Will Middlebrooks beat Hanrahan in the beanbag-tossing contest today. I really hope NESN's coverage* of this isn't indicative of how games will be this year. I only saw a few rounds of this tournament, and more than once I saw them show you the guy tossing the beanbag and....that's it. We never saw the damn thing land, which is the one and only job of the person in charge of televising a beanbag-tossing contest. They even had a weird edit tonight where a bag disappeared. After rewinding (yes) I realized they showed two Middlebrooks throws in a row--either they missed one and had to edit in an older one, or there was controversy necessitating some editing. (It came right after there was a question about whether you can knock the other guy's bag in the hole--next throw, other guy's bag has disappeared, only to reappear later. Coincidence?)

What does DMD mean? Is this a company? If you go to the ticketing area of, you see some seats called "DMD Field Box," which are the more expensive dugout-to-dugout field boxes. (The ones a little farther out cost 5 bucks less, a change they made a few years ago.) So is the DMD just referring to location? Like, Dugout, Middle, Dugout or something? If so, how come the dugout-to-dugout loge boxes aren't referred to as DMD? Is this a sponsorship, or a location notification that they forgot to use on the similarly divided loge seats?

*You probably thought I meant the "being jokingly serious about something that's not serious" routine. Eh, that was funny enough, though they did kind of take it to that level where it's almost embarrassing and you just want them to break into laughter and just forget about the mock-seriousness routine and get on with it.

It's called "Cornhole" and it's sweeping the nation!
I guess Middlebrooks is Cornholio

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