Wednesday, January 30, 2013

You Take 'Em Both And There You Have...

Kim keeps feeding this cat that hangs around our back yard. One night she said we should name it. At that moment, I was watching Field of Dreams, and Shoeless Joe Jackson was on the screen, so I mindlessly shouted out "Shoeless Joe"! Then I realized that if we feed it, the cat will come. And after that I realized that the cat has white feet and a gray body, making it appear "shoeless." It was the perfect name. Which most people would spell "purr-fect."

Then I thought, What if Shoeless Joe is female? When I think of female Jo's, I think of Jo Polniaczek (POLE-na-chek) from The Facts of Life. Soon Kim confirmed it. Female.

So the cat who lives in our back yard is "Shoeless Jo Polniaczek." Which, aside from being a great name, gives the world an SJP who's better than Sarah Jessica Parker. Amy Linker fans unite!

And as I'm about to publish this, I see that the words Kim and Field appear on top of one another in the top left corner of the text box. And as we all know, Kim Fields played Tootie on The Facts of Life. Also, there was a Jeopardy answer tonight that was "Charlotte," and I worked with a guy named "Ray" today. And tonight Kim brought up this woman I used to know with the last name "Cohn," and I had to go back in my mind, aka "get mind-y," to remember who she was. So there's your Charlotte Rae and your Mindy Cohn too! So Blair's the only main cast member who isn't represented here, and that's the way it ought to be. She's the Sarah Jessica Parker of Facts of Life. Screw Blair.

PS When I was a kid, I thought "Tootie" was spelled "Tudy." I pictured it as Rudy with a T. Hey, Rudy T used to coach the Lakers, who play in LA, where Facts of Life was filmed!


especially, "She's the Sarah Jessica Parker of Facts of Life. Screw Blair."
Wow, April 1st can't come soon enough! - daddybcat
I know you're trying to be funny and someone says this to me every winter (to the point where last year I titled a post something like "the annual post where someone says 'it's gonna be a long off-season"), but gimme a break. I give content year-round, I'm even doing a contest where I'll be giving away free stuff, while getting paid a total of zero dollars over the last nine years of doing this. And unlike with stupid Facebook, I'm not forcing my blog on anyone, you're welcome to read it or not read it, and I always try to entertain if I can.

You don't see Kathryn complaining!
And another thing! Haven't I done enough non-baseball stuff here, even during the season, where I shouldn't be accused of "there's nothing to write about so he just put up some filler"? I LOVE the non-baseball stuff! And I love that there are all these months with not much going on since it provides more time for it!

Today, for example, I took a bunch of pictures that I plan to post soon. They have nothing to with baseball, but I'll share them for the enjoyment of whoever chooses to come here or finds it by a search or whatever. Is that wrong? It's just what I like to do I guess.
Yes, joking, not complaining. I actually found it quite humorous that you were able to tie that all together. I might get bored during the off-season if you didn't post these diversions. Even so, I can't resist saying, "Lighten up, Francis." - daddybcat
Call me Psycho
...but gimme a break...

You've still got it!
Whoa! Inadvertent. But this Joey Lawrence reference is NOT inadvertent!.

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