Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sitting Out The Big One

Between having no money and having an ever-shifting job schedule (meaning it's not too smart to try to plan things in advance), I have to sit out the big ticket sale. But now I'm working at 10:00 today anyway so I won't even get any VWR practice! I'm gonna do more of a day-day approach to going to games this year because of my new job. On top of the games I already have, which hopefully I can get to. So good luck in there today.

Side note: I had a dream last night that they honored the 1992 Red Sox at Fenway, but Yaz was there because they called it "1982" despite it clearly being the '92 team. There was a player I didn't know named "Defa" too. Then I ran the bases. Then it turned into a craft show.

I sat out the VWR last year. For the hell of it, I went on today and had a relatively easy time of it. In and out in about 1/2 hour. Looks like a few less people standing in virtual line with me this year.
You can't really tell though how many people are in there--I've been in and put in 5 minutes in sales where others say they were in there till nightfall.
That player you didn't know coulda been a misspelling of Rob Deer, but I think he was later than '92. Hell, maybe Yaz invited him!
Defa was black, so no Deer.

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