Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Schill In

I don't understand why there's such a debate about Schilling and the Hall. The guy has comparable stats to the other pitchers in there, AND he won three world championships, with awesome post-season performances. If this guy had played his whole career with the Yankees, there would be no question--first-ballot HoFer. He'd already be classified as one of the "great Yankees" and it would be assumed nobody would leave him off the ballot. I thought that's what he'd be a first-ballot guy anyway, but I only doubt it a little now based on what voters have been saying. But I still say he'll be in within his first few attempts. Some people act like he'll be a years-long Don Sutton debate-type guy. I don't get that.

Schilling was never "the pitcher." He was the ace of a lousy Philly team for a while. But, he was never a year after year Cy Young candidate. Frankly, I'm amazed there are people who are voting for him. I think his relationship with the media is helping him there, as much as it hurt Rice.

You are correct that he is better than some pitchers in the hall. But, you don't correct one bad election by making another bad election. And, you're correct that if he played for the NYY, he'd be a no doubter. Again, though, two wrongs don't make a right.
But just so you know I'm not basing my opinion on the other pitchers' numbers--I think the guy was awesome* and should be in. Also, he did it in the steroid era! One of the Hall projection things on BBR is from Bill James, and it uses a certain scale, and they say 100 and you're in, 130 you're a lock, and Schill was 170!

And I know he's got friends in the media, but I thought overall he was disliked by them for always shooting his mouth off and stuff.

So the results are in, and he got 38.8%. At least he beat Roger!

*as a baseball player
Schilling was really good for a long time. I need my Hall of Famers to be Great for at least some time.
His career WAR of 79 is higher than all but 14 of the 70 pitchers in the Hall. They're stuck up on his number of wins I'm sure though. He'll get in eventually, but I don't think the RI mess helped him.

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