Monday, January 21, 2013


In the above video (not uploaded by me), check out the pennant behind Harry Caray. I've seen left-facing Red Sox socks before, but I don't think I'd ever seen those socks (the ones still used today) reversed. I wondered if it was some kind of bootleg pennant. I searched online and found this, for sale on ebay (for 50 bucks):

Weird, huh? The seller says it's from the "early 70s." And we know the video is from the mid-70s. I guess they were playing around with these socks before finally deciding on the right-facing version. I have the same pennant, got it when I was little, except the socks face the right way. I probably got that in 1979. Any info anybody has on the backwards socks is welcome as always.

Actually, I thought I'd seen a left-facing sock(s) before, but maybe I was just thinking of the White Sox...or the 1931 Red Sox single-sock hat. Maybe this is the only "backwards" Red Sox logo....I guess both the ebay one and the one in Caray's booth could have been bootlegs....


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