Sunday, January 06, 2013

Oh, The Person-Irony

We all know about man-crushes, man-scaping, and man-caves, which is our male-dominated society's way of saying, "I do x but I'm definitely not gay." But the other day I heard an extra-ridiculous one. It was an ad for a sports-themed barber shop, geared toward guys. They tell you to come in and "take a man-break."

This is how frightened people are of having anyone think they're less of a man, or, Thumper-forbid, a homosexual. "A break? What are ya, queer? I don't wanna see nobody takin' no breaks around me while I'm busy relaxing on the couch with a beer."

Apparently sitting in a chair for a few minutes makes people who spend most of their lives sitting in chairs gay.

Wait ... you mean this isn't a man-blog?

Ha, I'm glad you saw this--I remember you and Laura making fun of the "man-crush" phrase in game threads.

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