Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Notre Dame Not Champs For 24th Straight Year

Mike Francesa had that glint in his voice-eye all day today. While he admitted that he didn't think his Irish would win the game, he was convinced it would be close, and you got the feeling he believed they could win, almost acting like he knew something nobody else did. He seemed to be setting himself up for a win-win. If they win, he gets to gloat all year, if they don't--hey, he didn't expect it, but at least they didn't get blown out. In fact, he essentially said the only way the season wouldn't be a success is if they did get blown out. Well, they got blown out.

And all I kept thinking as 'bama rolled up the score from the opening gun (besides "I saw this coming a mile away" and "but it's still incredibly fun") was that it's a shame that my pal John Quinn doesn't get to share in the joy of Francesa's team getting destroyed, since he too is a Dame fan.

So, nice job, Team Playing Notre Dame. The other good thing about 'bama winning three out of four is how we got to see some highlights from back when Nebraska did the same in the 90s, despite Musburger's "asterisk" remark.

I also thought it was hilarious when the 'bama center shoved his QB. Because while most of the football kids are higher on the totem poll than the rest of the class anyway, I kind of think that within the jock hierarchy the center is thought of as the "fat kid," while the QB is the prima donna who everybody pays attention to. Dude gets all up in his center's face on national TV with a 42-14 lead, and the fat kid fires back without a second thought! Score one for the guys who don't get the sneaker contracts.

Side note: On the intro to the game, they talked about how the city of Miami is more than just South Beach, and while noting that all kinds of people live there, they actually said "straight or gay." A huge step forward for the USA, when we're hearing that in the opening minutes of the broadcast of the country's football national championship game. Nice job by 'PN there.

Next year: Taylor Heisman (as Jeter Johnny* suffers the sophomore slump), Huskers nat. champs. Don't I wish.

*I heard the hype all year about that Johnny "Bro" Man-ssiere, and literally the only time I flipped on the TV to see him, the announcers said how he loves the Yankees and wears #2 in honor of Jeter. Another youth led astray, what a shame.

I'm disappointed Jere, but not totally surprised. Alabama simply proved they are the best college team in the land. Still proud of the Fighting Irish winning 12 straight in the regular season.

Wanted to throw up when I heard Johnny Manziel wears 2 in honor of Jeter. Definitely another youth lost.
At least Musberger got his rocks off to the 'bama QB's girlfriend partway through the first half!
So long as titles come through polls and politics, you're going to get asterisks in the eyes of a lot of people. I dated a girl whose father went to Penn State and (this was in the 00s) he was still mad about 1994. Not without reasons. The whole system is screwy, but at least it's almost March.
Q: It was a nice and surprising season for the Irish, regardless of my opposite-of-love for them.

Tim: Yeah I heard that--classic Brent.

Liam: PSU got back at us the next time they played us, which was 2002. I drove out to Happy Valley and watched my team get their asses kicked. Brent was talking about '97, though, since it was a split title. Whereas '94 we won fair/square by the rules, albeit shitty ones, that were in place at the time. Would have been perfect for the two undefeated teams to play for the title, but it wasn't allowed....
Right, but that's what pissed him off so much - the fact that we will never know who was better, and that's the root of my comment about there always being asterisks. You should win a championship on the field - not through a ballot box.

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