Friday, January 25, 2013

Napoli Finally Changes His Twitter Background... the defunct Red Sox logo which died in 2008 :(

The main culprit is Google. But if the search results are based on what people are posting, it's the people's fault. But if the people don't know about the change, it's the team's marketing department's fault.

Top 10 misconceptions people have about why I get so pissed about this:

1. Who cares, the team has several logos, you can use whichever one you want. WRONG! The team has two logos. This one used to be the primary, it was altered, and it also became the secondary. I don't care if you use primary or secondary, but this is neither. It's defunct and no longer in use. (Except in the minds of everybody in the world except me and like three other people.)

2. Oh right, because they use the hanging sox by themselves now. WRONG! Yes, the hanging sox alone is the current primary logo. The NEW version of what you see above is the current secondary logo. What you see above no longer exists in the Red Sox logo bank. It now looks like this:

3. People use defunct logos all the time, it's retro! WRONG! This isn't "I'll go into the past and find an old logo I like for kitsch purposes." This is "I think the Red Sox logo is x when it's really y. (Or, I Googled, and a thing I'm familiar with came up in 19 out of 20 gifs so why would I question it?)" Like I've said before, how can we ever use the old version in a retro way if we never realize it left? We're screwing up the future by not getting the present right!

4. Dude, I'm staring at both logos and I see no difference. WRONG! The "BOSTON" used to be blue and in a different font than the "RED SOX." That font was out of place, and they wanted to make it and the color consistent with that fancier font which I used to think was "Olde English" but I guess is something else. They also moved the stitches on the background ball. They held a press conference and everything. They changed the road uniform too, but I never see anyone taking the field with the old version and saying it makes no difference!

5. Nobody's reading at this point. Since I've talked about this topic so much, I thought this would be a quick post. But surprise surprise, I'm all worked up about it again.

6. At this point I'll just use the numbers as paragraph breaks.

7. Like this.

8. Oh, I forgot that one point I always make. When the Marlins changed their logo, it was a national holiday. I bet Mike Napoli bought the new Marlins hat even though he was on the Rangers! Every American knows two things: Lady Gaga (or whoever the current Lady Gaga is) exists, and THE MARLINS HAVE A NEW LOGO. But the much more popular Red Sox change theirs, and nobody notices! I still can't figure this out, or how we're gonna change it. Or if the front office is even trying to fix the problem.

9. Will I get to 10? It'd be a stretch at this point. But I gotta do it. I just gotta.

10. Nah, forget it.

11. D'oh!

Mom being Mom here.*

Find out who designed the new logo and ask him/her if he/she cares. I would think so. Ask the designer why the front office doesn't give a damn. Ask him/her if you could do an interview for your blog.

*(Only moms get to tell their kids what to do. But moms also know that once the kids reach the age of 3, they're not expected to go along.)
Good idea.
Did you tweet Napoli to alert him to his error yet?
Yes, right away. I did it for Hanrahan and he actually changed (to the hanging sox alone, not to new version of circle sox), so we'll see if Napoli cares...
He's playing for only $5 mil. If you expect him to use the right logo, they've got to pay him at least $8 mil more. - daddybcat

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