Sunday, January 13, 2013

Any Help?

At some point during the post-2004 ecstasy, somebody released an online video about the ALCS, set to the tune "Tonight, Tonight" by The Smashing Pumpkins. It was a series of still frames from the games. The song was probably chosen due to lines like "believe, believe" and "the impossible is possible tonight," and musically it seemed to fit perfectly too. Kind of hard to believe now, but making your own video and getting it online was merely a magical dream in 2004, and getting one to play over your dial-up connection was a buffer-fest if you saw anything at all.

But this guy made it happen, and I was miraculously able to view it. I think he charged $5 or something. Then it was gone. The version I had is lost in a landfill with all the other hard drives from 2004 somewhere. And as far as I know the guy never put it anywhere else online.

Does anybody remember this? Who made the video? Can I see it anywhere? What is Ed Cossette up to? Let me know what you come up with. Thanks.

(Here's the song's actual video, which is pretty trippy. For now you'll just have to imagine the song with Red Sox highlights over it. Buffering....)

I feel like I have seen/heard that, but I don't seem to have a copy.

Thanks. Maybe some other "classic" red Sox internet person will see this and have more info.
Was the song used for a video of the entire ALCS or just one game? A SoSHer put together a DVD of clips, and had a different song for each game. I'm not sure where my copy is at the moment, though.

I think I found it. Doing a Google search for 2004 ALCS and Smashing Pumpkins, I think it is a video called "Go Sox" - which I have. It is a "swf" file and I cannot get it to play.
I remember clips from Game 7 being in there, so I guess it could have been JUST game 7. I wanna say it was the whole comeback though. But I don't know.

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