Saturday, December 01, 2012

Tickets Obtained!

Update, 1:52: Wow, I tweeted a question for Skip Lockwood and it was the first question they asked him, after Don interviewed him. My question was if he still had his Seattle Pilots jersey. He didn't answer me about the jersey, but he talked about his time with the Pilots. Nice job by whoever the woman was that read my question to Skip via cyberspace.


Update, 12:57: I'm watching the live stream of Xmas @ Fenway on Check out this screen shot of Keith Foulke holding a skunk:


Update, 10:40: found this--looks like September games go on sale TOMORROW (Sunday) morning at 10 am. At least that's the plan as of now:


Update, 10:35: A few minutes ago I went into the Sox Pax just to see how long it would take. And it just popped. So I COULD get Opening Day tix right now...but I won't. I see they have standing room for that, so I could get the 4 games, including OD for just $100. Right now. I hate this feeling! Not gonna pull the trigger though. If any of you wants to go to OD really bad, though, and don't mind giving your CC # to a stranger, I can help you out, e-mail me. Looks like they've got bleacher, GS, RF box, pavilion box, and SRO.


Got in at 10:02*, finished order by 10:05. Just got that one Astros game. September games not on sale, but we'll see if they add them later today.

Video of how it went down:

*Actually 10:00, but since the computer was freezing up, aka beachballing, I didn't get the actual purchasing window until 10:02. VWR FWP.


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