Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Right Call

Instead of driving out to Indy for the Big Ten championship game, I stayed around here, got some good stuff at the Yard Sale, and got some tickets. Tonight in the game, Nebraska lost. 70-31. So eff me, but at least I didn't go all the way out there for that feces fest.

Reminder, Sunday morning at 10, September games go on sale, starting with the 9/2 game and not including Yanks games. (Actually, that final series with the Jays is showing the January 26th date. Hmmm.) This is still a secret, but watch for the team to send out an e-mail soon. Unless I'm totally wrong.

Also, I noticed they've pretty much done away with weekday afternoon games. There's that odd 4:05 game during "mysteriously early games week" in April, and then there are day game on Opening Day, Pats Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. Other than those, every single weekday game is at night. As for Saturdays, there are only two day games scheduled, with more possible if they're chosen for the national broadcast. And Sunday's the opposite as usual--always day unless it becomes the national night game.


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