Sunday, December 02, 2012

Sept. Update

The September games now have Ts and should go on sale in a few minutes, but like I said last night, the final series isn't up there. I don't know why they'd hold those out until the January sale--it could be that it's a mistake, like how one year they accidentally left out the September 8th game only to add it later in the day. I'm thinking that the doofus who went and changed all the September games went right up to the Yankee series (which is obviously being left out for the Yanks lottery) and thought it was the final series and forgot that there was one more series they needed to change the date for after that. Either that or they decided to make today's sale "September weekday games." But they have April weekends up so why not September? Anyway, get your September tickets now! Meaning 4 minutes from now.

It's not a mistake. They weren't at Christmas at Fenway, either, unlike the other September series (which are printed in the program).
Odd they'd keep that series out. So in this program it admits the September games are on sale? (Which they are now but the team still hasn't notified anybody.) And if so does that mean those games are available for sale in person only on the Saturday, but not till Sunday online?
I'm not sure why the last series of the year would be considered a premium option - they are including them in pax and of the four games in those pax (TGIF, Saturday, Sunday), they're probably the premium option.

I'd like to go to the last game of the year (Sep 22) but I'll wait to pick tickets up on Stubhub.
What is the advantage to releasing the tickets in little groups like this? Is it creating more publicity? More "Last chance!" feelings? Seems odd to not just let the tickets be sold.
Exactly. For at least the last few years the program lists the September games and you can buy them in person before they're released online. Also, FWIW, I got an email from the Sox at 10:17 about the September games being added.
"Exactly. For at least the last few years the program lists the September games and you can buy them in person before they're released online."

There ya go. I never knew that since I've never been selected for Xmas at Fenway.

And I just checked my "other" e-mail account and I got the e-mail at 10:19. My main account has yet to receive it.

Tom: I also want last game of year which is why I've been obsessed with this whole thing. I always get the $12 seats so I don't think a secondary market site would give me a better deal anyway. Also, did you notice SH hasn't put any MLB tickets up? They're all over the other secondary sites. I wonder if MLB made a new deal with them to hold off on letting people put tix up for sale before the teams can release them.

Sec 36: I know they like to get the tix out there early, hence the whole Xmas thing, but maybe they figured it'd be better not to release all at once. Hell, it usually works on me! I always get tempted with all the April/May/Sept games simply because I want tickets and those are the only ones on sale. This year I did a great job of resisting that temptation, but honestly, it's only because I'm running out of money. Or, should I say, the credit cards only allow me to use so much of their money.

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