Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Things

Lots of stuff arrived and/or happened today:

1. Canadian pitcher Ryan Dempster comes to Boston. He's kinda old and kinda stunk in his short time in the AL, but he can throw a lot of innings and is a wacky fun-time dude. (Which is good but it's funny how people automatically think getting "good clubhouse guys" means winning--if they lose, the same people will mock them for not taking the game serious enough and run them out of town until the new guys do poorly at which point they'll run them out of town, and on and on. The key to winning? Winning.)

2. First tickets of 2013!
Instead of the classic pocket sked, there seems to be a little "schedule card." Maybe the pocket skeds aren't ready yet. Because they love to use those things for all kinds of ads and ticket offers and the seating/pricing. So I wouldn't think they've scrapped those. Since I only got one ticket, I've only seen the above picture. I wonder if they're all pic of Fenway, since it says "Fenway Park" right on the pic. I also see they're still making that mistake of letting the sticky stuff of the outer gray envelope stick to the inner white one.

3. New background. The "collage" is dead. And now it's this blue-ish Fenway shot:
If you're thinking of figuring out the game shown, I'd say the key is the out-of-town scores. If you come up with anything, let me know. [Update, a few minutes later: You can see from the Monster that it's the 99th anniversary of Fenway, making it a 2011 pic. I went through that season looking for days with 4 AL games and 5 NL--doesn't take too long as you can skip Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Red Sox road games--and came up with Monday, May 9th. The rest of the scores seem to line up with that day's schedule. It's Sox-Twins, Cuddyer and Span visible in the outfield, bottom 3rd, Pedroia up with a 1-0 count and Ellsbury on first.]

4. Mike Napoli finally changed his Twitter header. He had a little blurb up there about how the Rangers came close last year, and in 2012, the WS "will be ours." He has removed that. Now it just shows his name and location. So whatever it is that's holding up the announcement of his signing, don't worry about it.

P.S. Remember how certain so many people were during that HR Derby at Yankee Stadium that Josh Hamilton would instantly become a Yankee as soon as he hit free agency? Well, he hit free agency and he's an Angel. Terrible job, everybody who assumed.


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