Thursday, November 15, 2012

What's This Awesome New World I Woke Up To This Morning?

As a L.E.F.T.Y., I've always said that if I suddenly became a multi-millionaire, I'd give huge chunks to charity and I'd be perfectly fine with paying lots and lots of taxes as an overall way of helping the country and the people in it. If I had 10 million dollars and you told me I had to give back 9 million, well, I'd still have a million more than what I started with. In other words, if given the chance, I would walk the walk.

The point is, if the people with unholy amounts of money would give a little bit more, we could solve a lot of problems. (Instead they only want more more more while at the same time convincing half the country, many of whom are dirt-poor, to vote for their interests.)

Well, all of a sudden, a few beams of light.

An offshoot of Occupy Wall Street* called Strike Debt is helping people erase their debts. There will be a telethon tonight at 8:00 eastern. Watch it on the Rolling Jubilee site. People helping people, who would have thought?

Then I see this article about a group of millionaires who are saying, essentially, "go ahead and take more of our money." Exactly what I would do. At some point the mission statement of the USA went from "be excellent to each other" to "try to get as much as you can for yourself and screw everybody else. Also, money defines success."

So there are some good things happening, and this is right after a Democrat has been re-elected, meaning people don't just scream for change when Repubs are in control. Which is a good sign. We should never relax.

*Can we please not judge this new group on how they dress this time? Thanks!


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