Thursday, November 01, 2012


Not too much trick/treat action on our street last night, but enough to justify buying candy. All the classic elements were there: The pre-nightfall tiny kids with their parents, the late-night teens who didn't even bother to dress up.... There was also the "what are you supposed to be?" person. This girl was in normal clothes, but with "BOOK" written across her forehead. "I'm facebook."

We also noticed at about 5 minutes to 8:00 that Charlie Brown was coming on, so we got to hear the gang talk about "tricks or treats." There was an ad for the Thanksgiving special, which I always seem to miss. Gotta see if I can remember to tune in this year.

Saw that Charlie Brown was on, but DirecTV guide said it was from 1996, so we didn't tune in. Was it the original after all? - daddybcat
If it wasn't the original, this would have been a vastly different post. I think they meant to say 1966.

(Note: the one they air these days has two scenes missing, including the football-kicking scene, so this was the edited version thanks to stupid longer commercial breaks, but it was the original nonetheless. Not sure if they ever did any kind of "new" version.)

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