Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"The Great Lie That Boys Hold An Innate Physical Superiority To Girls"

Years ago, I wrote something about the possibility of women playing Major League Baseball one day, and I remember BSM responded by saying a woman has never been good enough to play. He wasn't saying it from a mean-spirited position, he was just saying what appeared to be the truth. And I responded by saying how the point is that we'll never know as long as females keep being pushed away from the sport. If they haven't been pressured out of it by high school, they're sent off to the anonymous world of softball.

Now there's this 9-year old girl named Sam Gordon tearing up the Pee-Wee football "scene," and Dave Zirin has written a nice article about it. He says what I said, that females are physically weaker in general, but they don't have to be. And they're better than makes when it comes to endurance. There's also the bigger picture of females being "allowed" into male sports. It's 2012, I think it's time to just let it happen, Sexist America.

(Link to article found at wmtc)


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