Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Eastward March Con-10-ues

GET IT? Cuz Big Ten! Which will be Big 14 in '14. You may remember I was very excited when my school, the U. of Nebraska, joined the Big Ten, because instead of playing in places like Texas and more Texas, they would now be playing much closer to me, in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, etc. Not that I consider myself as someone who lives "close to Indiana," but I'm just saying, the closest my team would get to me up until last year was pretty much Iowa.* Now I have multiple viable road trip opportunities. And as of today, two new teams have been added to the conference, Rutgers and Maryland. Awesome. The NYC area and the Beltway area, both close to me, and home of two friends I love to visit, aka Chan and Brian.

The other good thing about being in the Big Soon To Be 14 is the TV network they have. I get to see my team pretty much every week.

tl;dr: Pre-2011, my college football team was hardly ever on TV, never played games close to me; now, on TV every week, play games on my side of Mississippi River.

*They did play at the Meadowlands in 1988 in the Kickoff Classic when I was 12, and I went to that with my dad. And I dragged Chan out to Happy Valley when they played Penn State in 2002 and got killed. They also played in the '94 Kickoff Classic, but I couldn't go, as I was, ironically enough, at school in Nebraska.


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