Wednesday, November 07, 2012

That Ticket Plan I'm Constantly Blabbing About

It took me until about Year 8 of my 10-game plan to actually write the ticket office to ask what games I'm getting, instead of complaining that I don't know what they are as of December when I'm buying other tickets. So this year, the 10th year, I've already written them at this early stage, and I know my games. Which I've been splitting with my mom lately so she can take each of my nieces and nephews and her new man-friend aka my new step-dad to some games.

This year there are no repeat teams, except for the Yanks, but that's always been part of the deal, two Yankee games. They also gave two Interleague instead of one. The day breakdown is 5 Sat., 4 Wed., 1 Mon. The month breakdown is 2 Apr., 1 May, June, and July, 2 Aug., and 3 Sep. So we're looking at more weekends than usual, more IL, and more summer. Is this more of the Sox trying to please us at all costs, or random? Either way, all this could be yours if you get on line now for the 10-game plan. But you might be waiting a while. To Ernie Whitt: I got in right when they started, before the '04 season, and my plan started that year. My buddy Tom, formerly "savethejellyfish," got his name on the waiting list before, I think, the '05 season, but didn't get a plan until 2011.

That reminds me: I got onto the Cubs season ticket waiting list just to see how many years it takes to get to the front of the line. That was February. Checking now, I see I'm still over 100,000 spots away and have not budged. I'll keep you updated over the next few years.

Bonus: I love when this happens, but I think it's the first time I've captured one on my own. (I've included Bebo on top of the TV in the shot.)

While I'm at it, I caught this typo from the movie Cape Fear. Terrible job, Cape Fear. See if you can find what I mean. (Again, Bebo presides.)

And for those (probably everyone) who didn't get my "Mit Iodine!" Romney joke, click here.

Missed the "e" in Gainesville...
Nailed it. U of F grad Chan would be proud of you.
Mom here. Sorry if I sent this twice.
Very excited about the tickets. Sign me up for 5 summer or Saturday games including that one Yankee game. Will catch you Sunday with a check.

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