Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Present (?): Jonny Gomes

Looks like the Red Sox have added Jonny "Jonny Wad" Gomes. Is this guy a shapeshifter or what? He's always had that "tough guy" look, but I feel like he recently changed from Gabe Kapler-esque weight room tough guy to NYC metal-core kid tough guy. I didn't even recognize him in his A's photo last year. Maybe it's because he lost weight, or maybe it's the constantly changing head and facial hair, or maybe it's the switch to the flat-brim hat. Either way, I think we can assume he made up with Coco after that big fight they were in at Fenway, since the two were teammates last year. So it's okay to like him.

My favorite Jonny Wad Gomes story (besides me giving him that nickname on April 23rd, 2005.) is the time when he was at Fenway in right field during batting practice when he was on the Rays. I was in the bleachers and Gomes and a teammate start looking up towards the fans with a ball in his hand. But it turns out he was looking way over our heads, because he winds up, and fires the ball as far as he can, trying to hit the Dunkin Donuts sign atop the bleachers. He nailed it. I thought about running up there for the ball, but there were a few lucky stragglers up there, and one of them got it. Ever since then I always said that if I saw him in the outfield again during BP, I'd yell (if I were a different person) to him, "Jonny, hit me in the last row!" and then sprint up the steps, turn around, and hold up my arms. I guess I have the chance to do it now.

A few pics I took of Gomes at Fenway from five years ago appear in this post.


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