Friday, November 16, 2012


I've been saving every ticket stub to every event I've gone to since...always, pretty much. Games, concerts, and movies. The above picture* is a good chunk of them, but doesn't include a lot of recent events or the crappy print-at-home tickets. I wonder what I should do with these. When Zack Hample unveiled his "business card bathroom," I was inspired to do something similar with my tickets, like maybe plaster the ceiling of my "office" which you see in the picture above. It would nicely match the existing decor of an uncut 1982 baseball card sheet, a Saturday Night Fever poster I found in an abandoned crack house in Brewster, New York in 1991, the old Fenway day/night postcards from the 70s, a The Life Aquatic magazine ad, a knock-off Nirvana concert poster, a picture of me swinging on a vine in the El Yunque rain forest in Puerto Rico when I was 13, et freakin' al.

But I don't want the backs to get messed up, so maybe I'll make a gigantic album out of them using those plastic sheets. Or maybe I could start a "ticket of the week" blog. But that would take ten years or something. I might need to do one a day. Your suggestions are welcome.

*There's no air between those tickets. That's a tight stack representing about the most I could hold in one hand. So....


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