Monday, November 19, 2012


They beat me to it. I'd been trying to use different versions of other teams' spring training schedule urls to see if I could find out the Red Sox one before it was released. I did not get the job done, but that's neither H nor T. Here's the home schedule/ticket info. And here's the home/road sked in calendar form.

I knew from the few other teams that released their schedules that spring training games were staring early this year. Ours starts February 21st with the college doubleheader. Truck Day is inching toward January.... And with this being a WBC year, we get to host a game against Team Puerto Rico, which should be fun. There are seven Twins games, including two of the final three, so there will be a clear champion in the [whatever they call it--I feel like they stopped calling it the Mayor's Cup at some point, but, in the end, who cares?].

I don't see a "game(s) in a big league stadium right before the regular season starts" this year. I know the practice hasn't stopped in general, because some teams are doing it, but I guess we're not this time. There is one open date, the Sunday before Game 1 in New York, so maybe they'll add something, but I doubt it. Plus, couldn't ESPN choose our season opener as their Sunday night game and move it up a day?

Now let's talk serious. Is this the year I finally go to spring training? I've threatened before. But I might have a Florida trip in my future and if I do, I might try to go, not even necessarily to a home game. If I do it, you'll know where to find the pictures.


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