Wednesday, November 14, 2012

RIP Jerry Christian

I just found out that Jerry Christian died this past May. You probably don't know him. But you might recognize the name if Jaws is one of your all-time favorite movies. Jerry was the mythical outfielder in the beach scene where you hear a baseball game coming from a radio. He was a sound man, and obviously Spielberg decided to pay tribute to him by using his name in the fake broadcast. As far as I know, I was the one who "discovered" this. See the post I wrote about it in 2008.

Imdb still doesn't credit him for Jaws (meaning for working in the sound department, not playing the outfielder, but it obviously doesn't credit him for that either), but the obit linked above and the note at imdb both mention he indeed worked on the film.

Anyway, I'm sure he did some fine sound work, but all always remember him for his fine running catch.


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