Friday, November 30, 2012


Dear People Who Ask Me in March How To Get Opening Day Tickets,

Go online* tomorrow (Saturday) morning and get the Opening Day Sox Pack. It's the most
popular one though so it'll be tough. If you don't get one, you'll still have a
chance with the OD lottery. Good luck.


*If you're serious about it, you'll also be trying by phone via constant redial. Number shown here.

I'm still not sure how I'm gonna play it this time. I'll probably avoid Sox Pax since you're usually paying for three games you don't want to get the fourth one, and I'm not even in a position to be buying anything at all right now. And it's also always tempting to buy these April/May/Sept games just because they're the only ones available--but I think I'll wait for the summer tix to go on sale. Maybe tomorrow I'll just get some cheap tix to an Astros game, and that new tradition, the final regular season game, assuming they put Sept on sale later in the day. And then once April comes, I can always just go any day I want and get tickets day-of.


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