Friday, November 02, 2012

My Cup Of Coke Zero

Have you heard of this site PopSpots? This guy has been doing detective work and finding the exact locations (usually in New York) of pictures from album covers. Like me with my baseball detective work, he walks you through how he arrived at his conclusion.

Some are easier than others, like when you've got a street name in the title of the album so you figure the musician or band is on that street. But for some, there are almost no clues. The Billy Joel "An Innocent Man" one is amazing. All you see is a stoop. It could have been anywhere, but the guy figured it out, even showing you some dead ends he encountered on his way to the answer. (I thought at the moment he finds the stoop and peeks into the adjacent restaurant, Billy himself would be eating there. But no such luck. Or good luck for those of us who prefer to keep our distance from Billy Joel. Okay fine, I like that one song.)

And some of those British bands--I wouldn't have even guessed those covers were from the U.S. But it makes sense that so many of these bands would have taken their photos in NYC, as they would have been recording there. Hell I don't even think I knew the Zeppelin cover for Physical Graffiti was from New York. I've walked by that building plenty of times without knowing! (The fact that there's a store right there which uses the album title as its name should have tipped me off.)

Thanks to Lys G. for the link.

I feel the same about BJ. Well, except that I don't even like that one song. - daddybcat
Very cool web site, Jere. Thanks for posting about it.

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