Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Of course I was rooting for Obama and against "Mitt Iodine" last night. But knowing Barry didn't need my vote in this solidly blue state, I was able to give my vote to the socialist candidate. With 95% of precincts reporting in Rhode Island, she's up to 121 votes! Last place. So me and 120 others picked the true underdog. Hopefully we all will have made some strides toward having a legitimate third (fourth, fifth, etc.) party by 2016.

And even though we know the same cigar-smoking big-boned feline is holding both puppets for the most part, it was still sweet to see the left hand win. The end of Barack's speech was great, as he basically said we're all equal, but specifically mentioned "gay or straight." And just knowing the president is and has been a black guy gives me similar goosebumps to the ones I get knowing that I have seen the Red Sox win the World Series and win it again. On my street, as a honky I'm in the extreme majority. If it means that much to me that our country actually elected a non-white dude to the highest office, imagine how much it means to all of my neighbors. I think it's really important. The loudest faction of our society these days seems to be the people who are completely offended being under the rule of a black man. I love that the rest of the country decided to drift away from those people. I feel like even your average racist sees them and goes, "yeah, this guy's black, but you people are crazy, so I'm actually gonna vote for him."

We also had key wins in my home state of Connecticut, where the wrestling lady got her ass kicked (my mom was there at Murphy's victory speech!), and in my girlfriend's home state of Massa...s, where Elizabeth Warren took out the pickup truck man, whose campaign seemed to be "I'm a fan of your sports teams, too!" I mean he literally had commercials that only said that and didn't bring up politics.

And Maine and Maryland became the first states ever to approve gay marriage by popular vote. Another sign the USA is slowwwwly moving out of the past and coming to grips with reality.


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