Sunday, November 11, 2012

"It Isn't Good For The Ticker"

Nebraska with another crazy comeback win! Last week I was already at the stage of "there's no way they do this again," and they did it. And now they do it again, against Sandusky State. Fourth double-digit comeback win of the year. And again, we're not supposed to be the type of team that can win if we get behind. Clearly that has been proven wrong. And our star back Rex Burkhead's been injured. That dude's gonna be an NFL supa-fly star for the next ten years, I think.

Anyway, it kinda stinks that last year I bought tickets to the Big Ten champ. game in Indy before the season, only to have my team not make it, and this year I chose not to get them, and we're two wins away from being there. May just have to drive up and scalp a scalper at his own scalping game. You know Gumby? He lives in Dayton and Chan and I have yet to see his new house so we could parlay this into a visit, as was the plan last year when I bought and then ate three expensive tickets.

Anyway Part Two, why aren't the Husker comebacks a bigger national story? Tebow made all those comebacks last year and people cared, but maybe it was because of the Jesus thing. Or maybe we need one more before people start to notice, meaning Yahoo Front Page people, as opposed to just sports fans.

To Answer Part Two:

1) The Broncos began the season 1-4 and started Tebow mainly out of desperation. Love or hate Tebow, it was pretty crazy to see the team go from last to first and beat the Steelers (defending AFC Champs) in the playoffs. That was more, "Holy cow, how much longer can this go on?"

2) Notre Dame was a program declared boneyard dead a few years ago. Now they're 10-0 and ranked #3. Not even the Blessed Virgin saw that one coming.

3) How many people now know where Manhattan, KS is because of the Wildcats?

4) Then there's the entire SEC, Oregon's offense, Ohio State, Texas A&M's upset in Alabama, etc. Lots of good stories this year.

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