Friday, November 23, 2012

Indy Rock/Blackshirt Friday

The Huskers are goin' to Indy! Sexy Rexy was baxy waxy and had some key bulldozing runs in the second half, and Nebraska survives at Iowa--another second-half comeback win. We will play for our first B1G championship on December 1st, against Wisconsin, who we already beat this year. I don't know why the PA at Iowa's stadium played "Shipping up to Boston" as the Huskers were celebrating on the field after the game, but I'll take it!

I hate that Xmas at Fenway/Initial Ticket Day has been switched to the first Saturday of December, as that's when the Big Ten championship game is. I could still go to the Yard Sale the Friday night, then drive halfway to Indy that night, get up the next morning and make it out there in time for the game. Or just skip the Yard Sale, or just skip the game. And watch me actually get chosen for Xmas at Fenway for the first time ever this year, now that I've got something to potentially do that day several states away. This could cause issues every year. At least I don't already have tickets to the championship game, so I won't lose any money on the deal like I did last year, when I bought three expensive tickets before the season started, only to have my team not make it. I was a year early on that plan.


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