Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guess The Autograph

From a Phils-Sox game in Philly, 2003. Guy wrote his number on there, which is what my finger is covering.

So I've filled up my Stub Album through 2004. 34 pages, six slots each, some with multiple stubs. A lot left to go. One thing that stinks about this project is that it doesn't document all the punk shows I've gone to. You don't get a ticket stub at Newtown Teen Center. Maybe I should be going home from shows, writing the show info on my hand under the X or the stamp, and taking a picture. Of course I do have a lot of fliers, which act as documentation of shows being scheduled to happen, but not of having been there oneself.

Last night's big chore was figuring out a few little movie stubs with dates (but not years), times, and prices, but just a cut-off title, like, "The Ma" and "The Wi." (It was The Matrix--April 10th, 1999, at 9:50 p.m., at Crown Theatres in Danbury, for $7.75. I went with this Borders co-worker goth girl named Theresa. And the other was The Waterboy. I'm convinced "Wi" was just a mistake. Because the ticket is from 11/7 (9:40, $7.75, same Theater), and that's the weekend it came out, and I know I saw it in the theater, and I don't see any other movies starting with "Wi" in that era.)

I want to say that Greg Evigan signed this as BJ McKay, the character from BJ and the Bear.
Ha! In a weird way, you're actually kind of close.
The only player even close on the Sox roster from 2003 I saw was Bob Howry. The closest on the Phillies is maybe Brett Myers, but it really looks like the last letter of the last name is a y.
Haha, once you know the guy, you'll see how it fits, though I admit the last name is kinda off. Clue: this player is still active.

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