Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting To Know: New Red Sox Catcher David Ross

1. Don't worry, mom, he's not replacing Salty, just "complementing" him. (Unless they really want to keep Lavarnway and trade Salty. I guess we'll find out.)

2. He's been on the Red Sox before! For just a few games in 2008. He played in that doubleheader on the day Johnny Pesky's number was retired. I checked my pics from game 2, and it turns out I took a picture of his crazy mask, and you can also see his blurry face in one of the celebration shots.

3. He was once Bronson Arroyo's personal catcher.

4. He hit his first home run off of Mark Grace. If you're a casual enough fan where you don't know why that's noteworthy, yet rabid enough to be reading trivia about David Ross on a Red Sox blog, well, Mark Grace wasn't a pitcher.

5. He's supposedly "well-liked."

6. He was once traded for a guy with "maniak" in his name.

7. He went to the same college as Chan.


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