Thursday, November 15, 2012

Christmas @ Fenway

Xmas @ Fenway is Saturday, December 1st. Register now. April and May (and September later in the day even though they always make it a big secret) games will be on sale that day at 10 a.m. Then we'll see how they play the Yard Sale. Hopefully I figure it out and get to go.

And now, my yearly fun-making of the names of the Sox Pax. The usual suspects are back, of course: TGIF, Saturday Special, Sunday Best, and Opening Day. The packs with a Yankee game in them have some familiar names, the Bambino, Empire, Bomber, and Pinstripe Pax. The you've got a Phillies one called Phightin', so they did a little brainstorming I guess. And two have a Rockies game: Rocky and Mile High. An interesting new idea (unless I missed it last year) is how the Holiday Pack gives you Pats' Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. I feel like no one will buy this one, though, because you're gonna have plans already for a few of those days.

Two interesting things from the press release:

1. "For single games, fans can purchase a maximum of ten tickets per transaction."

Finally they specify "per transaction." So if you get ten, you can finish that order and start a new one and get more, if you're getting a lot of tix. Once I called and asked them and they used the term "per day." I like that it's "per transaction." All you have to do is go through one order, and at that point you'll probably have another window that's already gotten out of the VWR and you can use that one for order #2.

2. "This year, has a faster system with shorter times in the virtual waiting room and live streaming of Red Sox interviews and entertainment."


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