Friday, October 19, 2012

Well, That Was Fun

High five, everybody...

I could probably use a lot of exclamation points and caps, but I think you know how excited I am.

CC gave up a bunch of runs early, and you could turn your sets off there, folks. Yanks swept by Tigers, and the baseball season as I know it is over.

As much as I wanted to see the Yanks miss the playoffs, and as much as I wanted the O's to knock them out in the first round...think of what we would have missed! Whoops, did I just use an exclamation point? Anyway, between the Jeter injury, the slumps, the squanders, the boos, the end of the Swisher fairy tale, and the usual A-Rod drama, well shucks, I almost wish there was one more game. I almost feel like by making it to the ALCS, they caused themselves pain that might not have been there, and we may see changes that may not have happened.

I love that A-Rod was given a final chance, and he gave it one final failure.

And did you see the shot of Cashman sitting quietly amongst the delirious Tigers fans after one of tonight's coffin nails? I gotta get a screen shot of that and use it as wallpaper. (I'm talking about my actual walls here.)

The Yanks pitching was great all post-season, but down 3-0, the ace laid an egg.

New York never led in the series.

And Swisher finally came through with a hit with RISP! Too bad it was 6-0 at the time.

And how 'bout that Derek Lowe? What a job he did for us, going to the Yanks and giving up all kinds of big hits. He threw that one in tonight--a dong to his first batter!--as sort of a tribute to '04. Nice job, DLowe!

I happened to be in the car at 11:48 tonight, when the great Steve Somers started his show tonight on the FAN--he did a pretty funny opening "mourning" the Yanks' season. Boston sports radio is probably talking aboout how classy Jeter is--you get the good stuff in New York.

So that's one title and two pennants in the last 11 years for the New York Yankees. Think about it. In 2000, they'd won 4 of the last 5 WS, while the Red Sox hadn't won any in 82 years. Twelve years later, the Yanks have won once since, while we've won twice. For me to complain about anything would be pretty silly.

I'll go to sleep tonight with visions of sad Yankee faces in the dugout. But it's bittersweet. In the ultimate of ironies, I just wish I could have seen Jeter's face, too.

Couldn't resist using this for my blog post title last night, Jere: "NYY Swept On TBS. Very Funny."

Enjoy the Yankee schadenfreude today. Can't wait to hear Francesa this afternoon.
Haha, awesome. Heard a little of Mike, pretty funny hearing the callers try to make sense of this tragedy.

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